Shower to Tub Conversions for San Jose Homes

Shower to TubDo you wish that you can take long, warm, and bubbly baths on those nights with the perfect weather for a bath? Well, when you work with us at LMB Professional Bathroom Remodel, you will no longer have to wish since we can help you convert your current shower into a bathtub.

Our unique process and superior bathtub materials allow us to replace your existing shower with a brand-new, top-quality bathtub in a fraction of the time of a traditional remodel. Our professionals don’t use a one-size fits all model! Instead, we take detailed measurements and photos of your bathroom, designing a bathtub that suits your tastes while fitting seamlessly into your shower space.

Our remodelers are skillful and experienced, so they can meet all of your renovation needs. After the conversion, you can let go of everything and just relax in your bathroom.

Why Convert Your Shower to a Bathtub?

There are many reasons why homeowners would convert their shower to a tub. Consider the following reasons when you are thinking of converting your shower:

  • You will enjoy relaxing in your tub while getting a good soaking in.
  • You will have an easier time cleaning your new bath than your old shower.
  • A new model can also upgrade your bathroom’s style to look more modern.

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